Variety Pack – Mushroom Gummies | Blueberry Lemon for Sleep, Stress & Focus


Mushrooms are having a moment.

Used for thousands of years, our modern world is rediscovering their ancient benefits, and we’ve made it simpler and tastier than ever to experience them for yourself.

This Variety Pack includes our full line of tasty, natural-ingredient gummies, with solutions for deeper sleep, steady focus, and relief from daily stress.

Ready to put these industry-leading gummy blends to the test? Start your 30-day trial today!

Sleep: Feel your body relax and your mind unwind, all without melatonin. These Blueberry Lemon gummies feature fatigue-reducing Reishi mushrooms, so you wake feeling rested.

With deep sleep-supporting CBN (cannabinol) and calming herbs like passionflower, this will be a seamless addition to your nightly routine.

Focus: Get dialed in with this clear-headed, steady focus formula. These tasty Grape gummies are expertly crafted for a boost in focus and clarity, so you can do all the things you want.

Made with natural nootropic ingredients like Lion’s Mane mushroom and uplifting CBG (cannabigerol), these Focus Gummies help you feel clear and lucid, not anxious or jittery.

Stress: Our Stress Gummies are carefully crafted to help you maintain a sense of calm, no matter what your day brings. Ready to feel like yourself again?

These tasty Watermelon gummies are packed with calming CBD (cannabidiol) and Delta 9 THC, plus herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms that can actually improve your ability to cope with stress.

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